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Preserved Flower Bouquet

Preserved Flower Arrangements

A bouquet is one of the weaknesses that women have. They tend to have a soft spot for flowers. But then, giving flowers has its downside, they die after a few days. No worries, though, because Timeless Flower Design is here, and we offer you our preserved flower bouquet — the Eternal Rose Bouquet.

We give you the perfect alternative for fresh flowers with an added twist — you may enjoy them for several years. We use roses and hydrangeas for our bouquets, which were preserved to maintain its fresh look. The maintenance to enjoy our preserved flowers for a few years is relatively low; thus, it will cut off your expenses in the long run.

We use high-quality flowers and fillers to create our lovely preserved flower arrangements. These are included in each bouquet:

Preserved flowers (consists of rose, hydrangeas, and fillers)

  • Dried flower fillers
  • Your choice of accent color for the roses
  • Waterproof flower wrapping papers
  • It is also embellished with a white satin ribbon

Our preserved flower bouquet is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, weddings, and a lot more. You can also give this to your mom on Mother’s day! Just imagine the genuine smile on their faces when they receive the bouquet and be prepared to see it in the upcoming years as well because our Eternal Rose Bouquet lasts for a few years.

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