Signature Eternal Rose Bouquet – Le Grandiose Bouquet

Brand: Timeless Flower Design
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Eternal Rose Montreal

Best Eternity Roses

Each of our eternal rose are carefully preserved and dyed. One of the advantages of working with the best eternity roses is that they come in many different shades. We are especially loving the blue color palette for Le Grandiose bouquet, it’s one of our faves. Blue is a rich color, often associated with royalty or the depths of the ocean. It is a very powerful color that encompasses many ideas depending on the culture. Have you taken our color personality test? A "blue personality” highly values intelligence and creativity and try to foster such expressions in yourself and others. Freedom is invaluable to you and you will fiercely defend these liberties of artistic thought. These flowers are perfect for the person who possesses wit and enviable creativity. The one never ceases to inspire you.

All our flower arrangements are made with high-quality dried & eternal roses and flowers. Here’s what’s included:

– beautiful dried & preserved flowers & fillers
– your choice of color accent flowers in the bouquet
– high quality Korean flower wrapping papers
– embellished with a satin ribbon

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